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VINIR dental clinic consists of doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. We all work for one person — our patient. Patient, who visits our clinic, receives modern treatment performed by quality tools and good materials.
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Our patients receive qualified assistance: from consultation and diagnosis to complex treatment and prosthetics.
Doctors at VINIR dental clinic study and implement new technologies, so we give a guarantee for our services and without a doubt talk about a treatment that almost does not hurt. Our clinic guarantees a high level of sterility and safety.
Do you want to get a nice smile with minimal stress?
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implantation and prosthesis
dental osteoplasty
treatment and hygiene care for teeth
art tooth restoration
micro prosthetics with dental inlays
orthodontic therapy and dental whitening
My main goal was to create a team of dental physicians who would like to do the most perfect job and receive sincere and grateful smiles from patients. As a head manager, I try to create a pleasant atmosphere for the employees, and I'm strongly convinced that this warmth is transmitted to our patients. Doctors at the VINIR clinic continually sharpen their skills by attending specialized courses. We understand that in the field of medicine, continuous development is of great importance. Just know this: our main task is to meet your expectations and provide you with the best result. Vadym Repetskyi, the head doctor and founder of VINIR dental clinic
Our team
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