Art dental restoration

Art restoration gives the opportunity to restore lost tooth tissue, its color or shape. It is an affordable and effective way to make your smile beautiful again.

Endodontic treatment

If you still think that all the tooth roots should be removed, once the tooth becomes painfully sensitive, you just have not heard of endodontic treatment.


Do you want to get one or few of your teeth back? Dental implantation is a modern, scientifically grounded and time-honoured method of the restoration of missing teeth.

Professional teeth cleaning

Healthy teeth require professional cleaning twice a year. When performing a professional cleaning at VINIR dental clinic, doctors effectively remove hard and soft dental tartars, take measures to reduce sensitivity and, if desired, bleach the teeth.


Many years of observation show that the restoration of large defects in teeth by filling them leads to the destruction of teeth’s thin walls. To maintain the health of the teeth, we carry out microprosthetics with inlays.


Veneers are thin teeth overlays to correct faulty dental forms, teeth color or align small deformations of the row of teeth.