Microprosthetics with inlays

What do you do with broken teeth by more than 30 % and less than 80 %? In this case, teeth filling is risky (so that the tooth does not completely break down), and tooth crowning is not very safe for the healthy tissues of the tooth. Are there any alternatives? Yes, there are! Prosthetics of teeth with inlays. The inlay is a micro prosthetic that restores missing tooth tissues. We offer our patients micro prosthetics made of composite and pressed ceramics. No less important than the material of the inlays, is the accuracy of the production of micro prosthetics. Prosthetics of teeth in VINIR dental clinic begins with the preliminary preparation of the teeth with temporary filling, then the exact preparation is performed. Our laboratories work with digital technologies, which ensures an incredible accuracy of work. After a precision check in the cavity of the mouth, the doctor begins the fixing. We fix the inlays with an ultra-tough composite, carry out a diagnosis of the density of the dental occlusion and (if necessary) minimally grind teeth for comfortable and proper chewing. Such a procedure of tooth restoration takes time, but the result is durable, and we give 3-year guarantee for our works, offered by a doctor for medical indications.

of treatment
*Prices are indicated in UAH
Extended consultation with the treatment plan and X-ray description
E-max pressed ceramic tab
3550 - 4900
Painless treatment
We use safe modern anesthesia. We also offer the service of ‘treatment in a dream’.
All specialists under the same roof
We provide all dental services at one place: from dental cleaning to implantation.
Reasonable prices for high-quality services
Prices for services are not low at our dental clinic, but they remain affordable to patients. We use high-quality equipment and good materials. Also, we give a guarantee for our work.
Dental tourism
The quality of the services we provide attracts more and more patients from other regions each year. Almost a third of our patients come from other cities, and about 10 % come to us from abroad.
Customer-oriented approach
Even if you are limited in time, you will still receive top-quality services. We compile logistics of visits to be able to think through the procedures: when to remove a tooth, when to perform implantation, when to put braces, and when to heal all the teeth between all of these procedures, so we do not lose precious time.
Clarity and transparency
We plan treatment in advance. We thoroughly determine the duration of treatment, stages of treatment, and patient’s expenses.